How do I become customer?

If you are not an existing customer yet, please apply for access for our site today here

Our sales department will contact you within 1 working day. As well as sending you the login informations.  

How do I get the catalog & price?

We do not have a catalog. All products can be found on our website. If any product you're interested but not in our website. Do let our sales representative know. We will check for you. 

Can I use distributions site for images or descriptions?

Yes, feel free to take whatever you need. We have a downloadable file (login required). For any images or description that not shown on our website, feel free to get if from our sales team or operation team.  


Can I cancel or change my order?

Yes, do inform our team to amend your order correctly. 

Is there a minimum order requirement?

For local same day delivery, there will be a $10.00 delivery fee for orders below $250.00. 

When will I receive my package?

For local customer, we do same day delivery/next day delivery. For local delivery cut off time is 7pm. 

Do I have to place order online?

Yes, to avoid mistakes. Alternatively, you may send your order to our sales representative too.


I have received a defective item, how do I claim my warranty?

Do fill up the defective claim form (we will send you once you sign up with us), upload a photo of the product with the serial number (on the box) and a video proof. We will check the form whenever there's a new order. 

How long is the warranty?

Most of the products on our website come with 1 year warranty. 

What does the warranty cover?

The warranty covers any manufacturing defects. If your product stops working due to defect within the warranty period, do let our sales representative/operation team know. We will keep a replacement for you and send with your next order.  

What if I do not receive an item I am billed for?

Do take a photo and inform our sales representative/operation team. We will arrange to send you on your next delivery or convert to store credit.